Mastering Craps with Ted Knuden
Mastering Craps with Ted Knuden

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Mastering Craps with Ted Knuden
Mastering Craps with Ted Knuden

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Craps Superstitions

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Craps is a game absolutely chock full of superstition. To help you wade through it all, I've put this page together. Before you brush off this information thinking you're not a superstitions person so this doesn't apply to you, hear me out. The information here isn't so much for you to base your superstitions on as it is to accommodate to the superstitions of other players. If you do something out of custom, the other players may look at you funny, and not want you at their table. To avoid this, it's easier to simply be respectful of the more sane superstitions out there.

If the dice are thrown off the table or if they hit someone's hand, superstition dictates that the next roll will be a seven.

If the dice are thrown off the table the shooter should yell 'same dice' in order to have the dice that left the table return to him. Otherwise, the Boxman will issue a new pair of dice. It's good luck to roll with the same dice again.

A woman shooting for the first time (virgin shooter) will supposedly be lucky and have a good run. A man shooting for the first time will supposedly be the opposite, bad luck and a bad shooter.
Saying the word 'seven' out loud after a come out roll is bad luck. The dice might hear you.

Playing 'against the dice' or making don't pass and don't come bets is often frowned upon, simply because the player making them wins when the shooter loses.

You shouldn't speak to or touch a person who is having a good roll. This may seem really silly, but when a shooter gets on a roll they often don't want to have anything about what's going on change. You might as well not touch them.

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