Mastering Craps with Ted Knuden
Mastering Craps with Ted Knuden

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Mastering Craps with Ted Knuden
Mastering Craps with Ted Knuden

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Craps Essentials

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Things everyone who plays the game should know. Things experts should remember, and things novices should memorize.

You need to be perfectly comfortable making the basic 'good bets', including the pass line bet, don't pass, come, don't come, placing the 6 and 8, and taking free odds. Understand that these are the only decent bets available in the game.

You may want to avoid the don't pas and don't come bets early in your craps career, as those bets are 'against the dice' and therefore you are betting the opposite of most players. Players are superstitious and may not like you very much if you keep it up.

Pay attention to any bets you leave standing. When you are paid for these bets, it's your own responsibility to take your winnings off of the table layout, or they may be considered bets for the next roll. Nice dealers will remind you, especially if you're somebody who likes to:
Tip the dealers! It's not just karma, they may be more likely to remind you of things and help you make the smart bets.

If you're at a land based casino, sign up for a free craps lesson. Most casinos offer an introductory course in the game for no cost.

The house edge on the pass line and don't pass bets is low, and gets lower the more odds you put on them.

Don't play proposition bets with any consistency. All of the center bets have a high house edge, and it's pretty much the dealers' job to ask around the table to see if anyone wants to lay a hardway down before a roll. Don't listen to the dealers at this point, only listen to them if they are giving you specific advice.

Don't take betting advice at face value. Although I try my best to inform my visitors as best I can, I shouldn't be an exception to this rule either. Many advice givers in the casino itself either have a hidden agenda, or they simply don't know what they're talking about.

Never play with any systems. To find out exactly what I mean by a system as opposed to a strategy, read my craps systems page.

Heavily weigh your weights to the odds. By this I mean if you've got money down on the table, a good portion of it should be on free odds bets, as these are the only ones which are unbiased.

Pay attention to your bankroll, and try to play with your winnings as much as possible. Craps is a negative expectation game so walking away up, however little, is definitely a win.

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